At Puertas Sancás we work constantly to offer products of the highest quality at the best market price.

Our sliding doors allow you to save up to 1 square meter of space, hiding the sliding door in the wall. We offer all types of jambs in veneered and varnished natural wood. We have a large stock of wooden doors, of the best brands. Contact us directly or visit our exhibition and check the quality of our doors, our specialized staff will help you choose the door adequate.

Our doors are distinguished by a modern and innovative design together with the desire to find all kinds of high-tech solutions to the sliding opening system. They are doors that aim to impact through aesthetics. Do not forget that a door is also a decorative element of a home and therefore, must express and convey feelings.

The catalog of products offered by Puertas Sancás is very broad and does not exclusively adhere to sliding doors. In our catalog we have 3 lines of doors: sliding doors, swing doors and those with a rototranslating system. Each of the product lines has a wide range of doors that will solve all types of needs. In addition to the sliding doors themselves, we have a wide variety of accessories that will allow you to fully customize our products.. It is a hidden hinge, suitable for both swing and sliding doors.

Slide frames

If what you are looking for are frames for sliding doors, you will be interested to know that we are distributors of the Dierre brand, leader in the market. We present below a video that shows its elements and installation:


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