Puertas Sancás S.L. offers all types of flooring, both laminate flooring and synthetic parquet, outdoor floors, parquet flooring, PVC flooring, ipe wood, synthetic flooring, etc.

We offer a wide variety of laminate flooring in loose boxes or pallets, both without bevel and bevel.

FINfloor laminate flooring

From the FINfloor brand we offer the following ranges:

FINfloor ORIGINAL is the range of 19 cm wide, with more than 50 designs available: splints of 2 or 3 slats, monolamas, rustic, modern, classic ….

Choose your style! A wide selection of designs from this range are available in various beveling options. From bevels to 4 sides that emphasize the beauty of each tablet with longitudinal bevels that enhance the linearity of your space. See the Color Chart for the beveling options offered in each design.

Twelve designs of the ORIGINAL range are available in CLASSICS format, characterized by a thicker support, 10 mm., And a more generous length (1.3m), giving the slats an authentic wooden plank look. The designs in CLASSICS format are presented bevelled on all 4 sides and have a special “brushed” finish known as “Handscraped” that provide a greater sense of realism to the touch and sight.

FINfloor STYLE is the range with the most stylized format.
Tablets 13 cm wide and a slender length of 1.3m. They are presented in more than 30 monolayer wood designs with balanced structures and tones.
The entire STYLE range is available without bevels, or with an elegant bevelling on all 4 sides.
Get original and attractive stays with FINfloor STYLE.

The laminate floor Fiesta Premium LC (Last Choice) is a range of 14 basic designs that fits more tight budgets. There are designs that never go out of fashion, elegant and timeless. Oak, Beech, Cherry and more daring designs such as Oriental Walnut or Sucupira …
Create and decorate spaces with the certainty that putting what you put will always be a success.

In accessories for laminate flooring of Finfloor we have a large stock of skirting boards, expansion profiles, transition, stairs and reeds for flooring floors.

Synthetic Quick-Step Platform

Quick-Step Long Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step Vogue laminate flooring

Quick-Step laminate flooring Eligna

Eligna Wide Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor Quick-Step Perspective UF

Laminate Floor Quick-Step Perspective UL

Quick-Step Elite laminate flooring

Lagune Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step Classic Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor Quick-Step Creo (formerly GO)

Laminate floor Quick-Step Art

Laminate floor Quick-Step Exquisa

Quick-StepMajestic laminate flooring

We also offer the following Quick-Step laminate flooring with decapé finishes:

SELECT: U312 – U864 – U866 – U896 – U995 – U1043 – UM1304 – U1384 – U1896

CLASSIC: QST009 – QST013 – QST015 – QSM034 – QSM035 – QSM036

QSM040 – QSM057



Multilayer Floating Parquet

We have a large variety of multilayer floating parquet from the Galparquet brand. This type of floating platform is offered in 1, 2 and 3 layers.

Floating parquet model ORIGINAL LINE

European oak

Oak Compact

Vaporized Beech

Floating parquet model LINEA EXOTIC




Floating parquet model LINEA ESENCIA

Oak Horizon (bevel)

Oak colors

Oak colors horizon


Sheet metal floating flooring

In this type of floating platform we offer the European Oak Fusion line in 8mm.

Accessories for Quick-Step parquet

In accessories for laminate flooring of Quick-Step we offer the following accessories:

Base Uniclic Subsoil (STANDARD)

Installation kit (1 lever, 1 stud, 40 wedges)

Skirting parquet 77×14

Standard Skirting58x12

Skirting high 90×18

Plinth 100×14 (LONG model)

Profile incizo 13×48 (5 in 1)

Quick-Step ONEALL Tail

Quick-Step Finishing kit (acrylic paste)

Start aluminum base stair (mandatory ladder)

Parquet accessories

In accessories for laminate flooring we offer the following accessories:

Laminated base 80×15

Recessed base Oak Varnish 70×15

Beech veneered Beech Vap Varnish 70×15

Raw MDF base 70×15

Raw MDF base 100×15

Lacquered base 70×15

Lacquered base 100×15

White CPL socket 80×16


In Puertas Sancás we distribute the best brands in parquets. Quality products for our customers.

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